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Welcome to Solid and Marl US!

Below are a list of frequently asked questions but if you have any further questions please email us at hello@solidandmarl.com


Q.  Can your lambswool yarn be washed in the washing machine.

A.  No, its best to wash it by hand and let it dry naturally.


Q.  Can I make the crochet animals in different sizes.

A.  Yes, the kits usually use our 4 ply yarn Halo, but you can make then bigger by using our aran weight yarn Bold, or smaller by using our lace weight yarn Rare.


Q.  Can I request different colours to be included in the kits instead of the colours advertised.

A.  Yes, buy the kit as normal and on the comments section at the checkout say that you would prefer a different colour and let us know which one.


Q.  Can I order the leather knitting and crochet wallets without personalisation.

A.  Yes, buy the item as normal and in the comments section at the checkout let us know that you would not like any personalisation.


Q.  I cant see where to let you know what initials I would like on the personalised leather wallets.

A.  When you go through to check out type in the letters, name or word you would like us to use.  We will copy exactly was is written there so make sure you use upper and lower case if that is what you would like.


Q.  Do you do courses where I can come along with friends and learn a new skill.

A.  Not yet, it is in the pipeline and will be available soon.


Q.  Do you have a physical shop where I can come and see everything in person.

A.  Not yet, but we are working on it, we are very excited to be able to open our physical shop very soon.


Q.  The yarn is lovely but can I have a sample.

A.  We sell colour cards, that have samples of the yarn on so you can feel it and it shows all 14 colours so you can really see how lovely they are.


Q.  Can I felt your yarn.

A.  Yes, you can create some really interesting effects with our yarn, you can felt it either by hand or in the washing machine.